Presently gives family and friends an easy way to collaborate on a single better gift – making gifting fun, meaningful, and sustainable


Back-to-School: Live Event & More

Presently invites you to register for a free speaker event for parents on 8/17. Learn more about the talk, celebrating your children’s birthdays, and supporting teachers here.

Commemorating Juneteenth

In commemoration of the ending of slavery in the U.S., we are covering fees for all group gifts that support Black-owned businesses through December 2020. Learn more here.


Presently is a group-gifting platform that gives people an easy way to contribute to a single gift, together. What’s a group gift? Learn more here.


Spend less time searching for the perfect gift, coordinating with friends, and returning excess gifts


Give gifts a longer lifespan, eliminate heaps of plastic and packaging waste, reduce clutter, and enable conscious consumerism

Great for kids, too

Empower kids to think thoughtfully about what they need, cherish their gifts longer, and cultivate more creativity and playfulness


Save time and the planet by gifting together. Organize a group gift for someone you care about!


Organizer selects a gift

The organizer selects a single group gift for their loved one and sets up their Presently page.

Friends contribute

Friends and family contribute toward the group gift, write a message for the group card, and RSVP if there's a party!

Celebrate the day!

The organizer receives all funds and a card with contributor wishes, and can share the gift on the big day!


We may not be physically together for special occasions, but we can still bring joy to the people we love.


Pick one big gift that’ll last – and no more. Tap here to get started or drop your details below to stay in touch.

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My friends and I used Presently to set up a joint surprise gift and Presently was a godsend! This would’ve never been possible without Presently: to reach the birthday gal's friends all over the world who could contribute with ease with basically two clicks. We shared the gift page with her on the day of her birthday (an Airbnb getaway + a contribution toward her savings fund) and she was overjoyed! Thanks Presently — I’ll definitely be using it again!

Elisa B.

Santa Cruz
My wife and I have three kids and for each of their friends' birthdays, we're always stressing to figure out the right gift. Presently takes all the guesswork and complexity out for us as gift-givers (and receivers) and makes our lives significantly easier. Parents, use Presently to save fellow parents (and you!) the headache!!

Mikhail H.

New York City
While minimalism is gaining traction (not fast enough), someone finally thought of the way to increase meaning and control toy clutter! I am looking forward to using Presently for my children's birthdays and spreading the word.

Zhanna B.

New York City
I have used Presently for my son's 7th birthday last year. We loved service, attention to detail, simplicity of planning and no headache with fund transfer!

Karina D.

Our family works hard to minimize our environmental impact and we ask family to echo our values through their gift choices. Presently couldn't possibly have made that easier for my son this past holiday season through their gifting platform. He is too young to pick his own gifts, but now is the perfect time to set his expectations when it comes to gifting and to teach him that quantity does not outweigh quality. Thank you, Presently, we will be back for all holidays and birthdays going forward!

Amelia L.

New York City
What a great way to take the excess out of gift giving and make it more intentional.

Annie A.

San Francisco

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