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At Presently, we’re redefining the way that people give and receive gifts through an empowering crowdgifting platform. Need help? Read our frequently asked questions below, or reach out to us with any questions (contact info below)!

About group-gifting

A group gift is an easy way for people to contribute to a single better and more meaningful gift. The idea behind group gifts is that we can give better gifts together (quality > quantity) – ensuring that the gift received is cherished and used for longer. By using our group gifting platform, multiple contributions can be made toward the price of a larger gift.

At Presently, we believe less is more. Fewer, better gifts will be cherished for (and last) longer than an excess of small ones – but it’s not always affordable to get the ‘bigger and better’ gift alone. And, you don’t always know what a recipient wants. With group gifting, friends and family can come together to pitch in toward a gift that is both wanted and meaningful. It makes shopping easier for givers and encourages more positive environmental choices.

Studies show fewer gifts is also really great for kids’ development – encouraging healthier behaviors around play and consumerism, and creating opportunities to foster more creativity, playfulness, and awareness with kids.

Our users are usually parents organizing group gifts for their children or friends organizing for friends or significant others – though anyone can organize a group gift! It makes for a great surprise to show gratitude and an easy way to add a bit more joy to an already special occasion.

Easy! It takes 3 minutes to organize a group gift for a loved one – of any age. Tap here to get started!

About Presently

Presently is a group-gifting platform that gives people an easy way to contribute to a single gift, together. 

Our group-gifting platform aims to add a bit more joy to gift-giving and receiving by enabling communities to gift better, together – while also saving our planet, saving parents time, and teaching kids about conscious consumerism.

Presently saves the gift-giver and receiver time – after all, the best gift of all is quality time with loved ones.

First, the organizer picks a single gift for a friend or family member and sets up a Presently page in just 3 minutes. It can be a big gift or a small gift – physical or experiential; and they choose whether extra money raised goes to savings or charity.

Presently creates a custom invitation page with details on the selected gift and party details (if there is one), and friends and family who receive the invitation can pitch in any amount toward the gift – $5, $10, $20, etc. (Can you imagine how much time and stress you saved your friends and fellow parents, and how much clutter you’ve avoided?!) At the same time, they can leave a message for the group card and RSVP for the party.

Finally, just before the big day, all the contributions get sent to the organizer along with a custom card with everyone’s messages. The organizer purchases and shares the gift, which gets unwrapped by the recipient on the special day!

Organizers cannot see individual contribution amounts. They can only see how much the total group has contributed, how many people have contributed, and the messages that friends and family have left for the group card. We have chosen to hide individual contribution amounts so that people can give however much they feel comfortable giving.

So easy a child could do it! Just ask any of our users.

Organizing a group gift takes about 3 minutes.

Contributing to a group gift takes 1 minute or less (no really, we checked the average time!)

In just four minutes you’ve 1) given a more meaningful gift and 2) saved hours of gift-shopping and returning.

At Presently, we are making gift shopping easier for givers and receivers, promoting more positive environmental choices, and creating opportunities to foster more creativity, playfulness, and awareness with kids. Children can cherish their gifts longer and parents can spend less time gift buying or returning and more time in the present: making memories celebrating their kids. We operate to maximize benefits for everyone involved:

1. Easier for organizers
It takes just three minutes to organize, and you’re guaranteed to get/give a gift that’s really wanted. Plus, if you’re a parent organizing a gift for your kids, you can spend less time returning unwanted or duplicate gifts, have more control over what their children receive, and present meaningful lessons to children around consumerism, saving, and giving back.

2. Convenient for Givers
On the flipside, contributors can save the time they spend every month trying to find the perfect gift for their friends and family — or harder still: their kids’ friends. What don’t they already have that they will appreciate?

3. Great for kids
Presently empowers children to think thoughtfully about what they need, communicate their decisions, and learn the value of saving. By minimizing the excess of gifts, we are encouraging healthier behaviors around play and consumerism. Studies show that fewer gifts result in an increase in creativity, self-confidence, intelligence, social and collaboration skills, imagination, problem-solving, attention span, and more. Psychologists say it’s an absolutely huge benefit for kid’s development!

4. Better for our planet
By reducing the number of gifts given for special occasions, heaps of plastic, packaging, and gift wrap waste are being eliminated – protecting our oceans and the sensitive ecosystems we live in. With fewer gifts, toys also have a longer life-spans and children learn to better take care of our community and planet!

Presently is 100% free to the organizer, gift recipient, and contributors! Presently does not take a fee, but credit card providers may charge a 2.9% + 30¢ processing fee on contributions – more on that below.

NOTE: Presently will be covering all processing fees for any group gift hosted on our platform March 15 through June 15 of this year as part of our effort during COVID-19. Learn more here.

1) Stripe processing: Our secure payments provider, Stripe, charges 2.9% + 30¢ on every transaction, which comes out to $0.90-$3.20 on the contribution amounts of $20-$100. We are working to reduce these fees for our users in the future by researching other payment processors.

2) Group card: Presently creates a custom greeting card with messages from all the friends and family that contributed to the group gift, which we deliver to the organizer just in time for the special occasion. If a digital delivery is selected, there is no fee for the card. If a physical card is selected to be mailed or picked up by the organizer, a nominal $5 fee will go toward the cost of designing, printing, and delivering the card.

Easy! It takes 3 minutes to organize a group gift for a loved one – whether a parent, a child, or a friend. Tap here to get started!


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