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We’ve picked out a gift for Presently’s birthday, and we’d love to invite you to contribute to this group gift to celebrate the special day! The money raised will help Presently continue to cover fees for communities that need it the most. Every contribution helps – thank you for supporting our company!

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Presently’s mission is to create more sustainable opportunities to celebrate the moments and people that matter.Β The money raised will help Presently continue to cover fees for communities that need it the most. If we all collaborate, we can further Presently’s mission and make a bigger impact. Every contribution helps – thank you for supporting our company!

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Other contributors

Patrick Wolf
Sep. 21
Making gifts more meaningful and creating a bigger impact in the receivers life is a beautiful mission and then the givers get to collaborate and connect together too... For many more years of growth πŸ™

Peter Petracca
Aug. 25
Keep up the great work on a great mission!

Megan Mallozzi
Aug. 20
Congratulations on one year! I am so grateful to have been a part of this team, and I am looking forward to watching Presently continue to grow!

Evan Chow
Aug. 10
Best of luck Dalia and team!

Aug. 6
Congrats Presently! Best wishes for many more to come.

Jennifer Dowd
Aug. 5
Congrats to the entire team! Wishing you much success.

Aug. 5
Happy, happy birthday! With best wishes for many more to come πŸ™‚

Rob Schmidt
Aug. 5
Happy birthday! Love what's happening here.

Stephanie Alexander
Aug. 5
Happy 1st birthday! I love this concept and I'm so excited to see how Presently changes gift-giving culture!

Graciela Williamson
Aug. 4
Congrats to you, Dalia! The future holds nothing but great things for you and your team!

Pavel Shibayev
Aug. 4
Happy birthday, and best wishes for the long road ahead!

Juliette Levine
Aug. 4
Happy Birthday Presently!!

Ziva Giliya
Aug. 4
I wish presently best of luck. I also want to honor my lovey dovey daughty baby Allison Inbary joojaleh joon 29 birthday and bless her next upcoming year to be full of love, fun, happiness and joy.

Aug. 4
Come back we miss you

Yael Noy
Aug. 4
Best wishes, continue to amaze people!! This is just the beginning:)

Stonly Baptiste
Aug. 4
... and many more!

Anastasiya Sharkova
Aug. 4
happy birthday, loves!

Adam Carver
Aug. 4
Beautiful idea and mission.

Aarav C
Aug. 3
Good luck!!

Elena Katan
Aug. 3
Love you

Laura D
Aug. 3
Congratulations and best of luck!!

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