What can I use Presently for?

Designed for kids and adults alike, our group-gifting platform makes it easy for people to get together to contribute to a single gift – for any occasion. Here are a few of the many great ways to use Presently!

To wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a family member, friend, or coworker!
To help friends GET TOGETHER to do something meaningful when they can’t physically be together
To pick JUST ONE GIFT for your child’s birthday to
minimize waste and clutter
To celebrate a GRADUATION and give the new grad some extra love in their new chapter!
To thank our AWESOME TEACHERS for going above and beyond
To express GRATITUDE to the incredible frontline
workers of COVID-19
To wish GET WELL SOON to a friend getting over a rough patch
To do SOMETHING SPECIAL for a loved one amidst COVID-19
To help family pick THE PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT so you can get the thing you really want this year
To congratulate a COWORKER on a new promotion, milestones, or launch!
To GIFT BETTER, TOGETHER by gifting as a group
Your turn: ____  
fill in the blank and set up a group gift here!

Ready to give it a whirl?


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