Presently is a group-gifting platform that gives people an easy way to contribute to a single gift, together. 

Presently was inspired by a visit to our attic, where we found mountains of untouched gifts stuffed in just about every corner. We thought: there has to be a way to bring joy to special occasions, without all the excess!

Designed for all ages, Presently enables communities to gift better, together. By doing so, we also save people time in gift-shopping and returning, reduce waste (and clutter) around excess gifts, and create more meaningful opportunities to celebrate loved ones.



Spend less time searching for the perfect gift, coordinating with friends, and returning excess gifts


Give gifts a longer lifespan, eliminate heaps of plastic and packaging waste, reduce clutter, and enable conscious consumerism

Better for Kids, too

Empower kids to think thoughtfully about what they need, cherish their gifts longer, and cultivate more creativity and playfulness

Make the shift to group gifts

A group gift is an easy way for people to contribute to a single better and more meaningful gift. The idea behind group gifts is that we can give better gifts together (quality > quantity) – ensuring that the gift received is cherished and used for longer. By using our group gifting platform, multiple contributions can be made toward the price of a larger gift.

At Presently, we believe less is more. Fewer, better gifts will be cherished for (and last) longer than an excess of small ones – but it’s not always affordable to get the ‘bigger and better’ gift alone. And, you don’t always know what the birthday kid wants. With group gifting, friends and family can come together to pitch in toward a gift that is both wanted and meaningful. It makes shopping easier for givers and encourages more positive environmental choices.

Studies show fewer gifts is also really great for kids’ development – encouraging healthier behaviors around play and consumerism, and creating opportunities to foster more creativity, playfulness, and awareness with kids. Learn more.

First, the organizer picks a single gift for a friend or family member and sets up a Presently page in just 3 minutes. It can be a big gift or a small gift – physical or experiential; and they choose whether extra money raised goes to savings or charity.

Presently creates a custom invitation page with details on the selected gift and party details (if there is one), and friends and family who receive the invitation can pitch in any amount toward the gift – $5, $10, $20, etc. (Can you imagine how much time and stress you saved your friends and fellow parents, and how much clutter you’ve avoided?!) At the same time, they can leave a message for the group card and RSVP for the party.

Just before the big day, all the contributions get sent to the organizer along with a custom card with everyone’s messages. Then, the present gets unwrapped on the special day!

Have more questions? See our FAQ.

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